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What is the QRD Affiliate Program?

QRD’s Affiliate Program gives you the ability to earn up to 15% of every sale that you refer. Affiliates can expand their business and increase earnings by building their network. Our affiliate networks are built on the motto of each one, teach one, which encourages collaboration among team members. Team members work together to ensure that everyone succeeds and their business grows over time.

Affiliate Program Benefits

Unlimited Earnings

There is no cap on the amount of commission you can receive

Sign Up is Free!

It is absolutely FREE to join the Affiliate Program

Life Time Commission

Refer a customer once & get a commission off of every future purchase

Manage Earnings With Dashboard 

All of the tools you need to track earnings, manage affiliate networks, and more...

Quick Payouts via PayPal

Earnings are paid every two weeks through Paypal's secure system