About Us

Our Mission

The mission of QRD Specialty Supplements is to research, develop, and design products that will facilitate wellness and improve your quality of life.

Who is QRD?

QRD Specialty Supplements is a health supplement company that produces specialized herbal supplements. Our products are distributed worldwide to provide you with a natural alternative that addresses your healthcare concerns wherever you find yourself in the world. Our multi-herbal supplements attack chronic illnesses at their source by giving your body the antioxidants and nutrients that it needs to combat disease.

We seek to redefine how healthcare is approached by also focusing on wellness and healthy lifestyle choices. At QRD, we teach our clients and our trained personnel that the pathway to wellness is more than just taking a pill for every ill, but a step by step path to which we improve and maintain our health.

Since 2003, our commitment to your health has never wavered. To the contrary, it’s stronger now more than ever. Your healthcare needs drive us to keep developing our cutting edge technologies in the fight against disease.