Kidney Restore

What is Kidney Restore?

Kidney Restore is a natural herbal supplement formulated to help restore kidney function in people experiencing stage 1 to stage 5 of kidney failure.

Naturally Bioprogrammed

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Enhances kidney function

Cleanses the blood

Reduces symptoms associated with renal failure

Restores pH balance in the body

Can aid in digestion

Can increase energy

How Does Kidney Restore Work?

The herbs in this product work together to help relieve symptoms of renal failure. Kidney Restore helps to increase digestion in the stomach, which gives the body the ability to absorb the nutrients from the herbs needed to repair the nephrons (the basic unit of the kidney). Kidney Restore helps to fight off infections in the nephrons that decrease kidney function and cause lower back pain. The repairing of the nephrons and removal of infection results in increased urine production. An increase in urination decreases fluid buildup that can result from kidney failure. Urination is necessary for the natural functioning of the body because it removes toxins from the blood that can damage cells. Additionally, the removal of toxins from the body help to maintain a healthy pH and increase energy over time.

Product FAQ

Yes. Kidney Restore can be taken in conjunction with dialysis. Though, it is highly suggested that you wait until after the end of a dialysis treatment session to take the recommended dosage. Waiting until after the end of a treatment session will help to ensure optimal absorption of Kidney Restore.

Yes. Before taking Kidney Restore, it is recommended that you wait between two to three hours after you have taken any medications including, but not limited to, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, heart, and blood thinner medications.

Yes! Some medications, both prescription and over the counter, have kidney failure listed as a side effect. Physical injury, infections, drug use, or toxins can further injure your kidneys.

Yes. You need to drink at least 8 ounces of water per day when taking this product.

Some people have seen results from Kidney Restore in as early as 60 days, but the speed in which you see results depends on the condition of your kidneys when you begin taking the product.



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