The Greatest Natural Healers In the World




As a society our health issues are increasing, especially now. Utilizing natural medicine in a form that has been scientifically formulated to augment our natural healing abilities at the cellular level is the answer!

Dr. Samuel Peters, III, ND invites you to break out of the box of “practicing medicine”! He believes that to successfully treat an illness you strengthen the inherent healing building blocks of the body using naturally sourced ingredients and new technology that have been scientifically developed with proven results.

Based on our bodies’ natural healing processes and viewing these with a revolutionary focus, Dr. Peters has developed formulas and new technology based on our bodies’ natural healing processes along with discovering a new element—Quantanite. He has also trained an incredible team of Master Light Healers.

“We believe we are God’s champions of health. Our mission is to boldly reach out to educate and implement changes in how illness is treated. We can say that ‘We are the Greatest Natural Healers in the World’ because everything we are doing did not come from man, it came from God.”

While reading “The Greatest Natural Healers of the World” you may experience a life-changing shift in your thinking. The collected journeys of the Master Light Healers are profoundly personal and the compilation of testimonials are riveting!

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